Goals & Targets

Eating, working and playing together!


  • To secure a facility for six full-time residents at the farm in a family style living environment…eating, working and playing together!
  • To allow residents to have input on farm endeavors.
  • To educate residents through hands on training to increase productivity on the farm.
  • To create a self-sustaining farm in which the residents feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment for their work on the farm.


  • Acquire property that meets the needs of the farm and residents, 5+ acres.
  • Implement land improvements:  drain field, electricity, septic system, shelter belt, water well, etc.
  • Access to irrigation.
  • Acreage for gardening, farming and ranching.
  • Construction of farm shop.
  • Construction of greenhouse and garden.
  • Home for six residents or building site for home.
  • Room for expansion and growth in all areas.
  • Close proximity to neighboring towns.
  • Secure funding to purchase and/or build/maintain or sustain.