Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community-based, self-supporting farm for people with intellectual disabilities in the Rocky Mountain Front area. Our goal is to provide a home where individuals can live healthy and productive lives, while they integrate into the local community in a way that is beneficial for both the community and the farm.

Our Dream

To provide an opportunity to people with intellectual disabilities to remain living and working in their home communities throughout their adult life, along the Rocky Mountain Front, in a farm environment.


To give back to the Rocky Mountain Front community in ways that include; a local farmers market, opportunities for the residents to interact with the community on the farm, and to support local businesses.

Our History

The Farm in the Dell concept was started in the late 1980’s by Lowell & Susan Bartels in the Flathead area of Kalispell, Montana. Farms have now expanded in Montana to Helena, Butte, Broadus, and Great Falls, Lewistown, Wisconsin, as well as internationally to Saskatoon (Canada) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).


Farm in the Dell – Rocky Mountain Front will model itself after these established facilities, however, each farm can establish its own enterprises according the needs and desires of the residents

Goals & Targets


  • To secure a facility for six full-time residents at the farm in a family style living environment…eating, working and playing together!
  • To allow residents to have input on farm endeavors.
  • To educate residents through hands on training to increase productivity on the farm.
  • To create a self-sustaining farm in which the residents feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment for their work on the farm.


  • Acquire property that meets the needs of the farm and residents, 5+ acres.
  • Implement land improvements:  drain field, electricity, septic system, shelter belt, water well, etc.
  • Access to irrigation.
  • Acreage for gardening, farming and ranching.
  • Construction of farm shop.
  • Construction of greenhouse and garden.
  • Home for six residents or building site for home.
  • Room for expansion and growth in all areas.
  • Close proximity to neighboring towns.
  • Secure funding to purchase and/or build/maintain or sustain.

Long Term Vision

  • Residents thrive throughout their lives at the farm.
  • On-going community support for life at the farm.
  • Expand facility to house more residents.
  • Acquiring additional acreage to support day to day farming operations.
  • Host educational opportunities for other groups.
  • Discover ways to be a greater asset to the Rocky Mountain Front area.
  • Recruit and retain active and focused board members, volunteers and staff.